•  Individual Coaching
A paid preliminary session of up to 2 hours will be needed to "design" our alliance. A minimum of 2 hours a month in 30 minute or 1 hour sessions. Recommended 3-6 month commitment.

•  Public Speaking
I love to get the message out and would be happy to speak at your group! Sessions are held in Lakeland, FL. Special arrangements
can be made for Group
Sessions at your facility.

•  Coaching "Transitioning" Retirees
Helping people discover the most fruitful time of their lives. Changing a static time in their lives to fulfill their dreams and passions. I also give them the awareness and wisdom to see the gifts they give to the world.
Maximum 8 per group.

•  Celebrating Diversity
Support group for any group of people who feel targeted or discriminated against.
Maximum 8 per group.

•  Interactive Workshops
I collaborated to design interactive workshops that were created to experience getting in touch with our own prejudices and those of others. Small or large group exercises help to identify bigotry. We take those new perspectives back to our own lives, jobs and communities, learning that when we understand and relate on a personal level with others, healing for all occurs.
•  Personal Growth
This group is designed to move individuals into their most exciting life. A support group, sharing each other's dreams, goals and experiences. The group provides a safe and honest environment to challenge ourselves and others to a new level of action, learning and perspectives to discover who we are, and what gifts we bring to the world. Maximum 8 per group. Offered one time each month, 2-3 hour session.

•  Parenting Adult Children
"The idea for this group developed from discussions with friends about how we are living longer and therefore spending more of our adult lives with our children as adults instead of minors. If you're like a lot of us, you are having difficulty making this transition gracefully. Join us and add your experience and insight and maybe we can all come up with a more satisfactory relationship with our adult children. I promise it will be informative and probably humorous.
Maximum 8 per group. Offered one time each month, 2-3 hour session.

•  Reiki

•  Chakra Healing

Please contact me for information concerning the prices, times and
places for these groups.

Sliding Scale Available
Based on Need